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Artist: Haven
Haven Author
Song Title: Lately
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Something's still seems hostile here
still won't make me proud
feels so right, yet wrong again
covered by these shrouds

cos nobody lately, looks like you do
and nobody lately, sounds like you do

as I'm moving around again
there's no sight or sound
I make mistakes everywhere
and who knows where there bound

cos nobody lately, looks like you do
and nobody lately, sounds like you do

and as I'm moving up again
I can see it with my eyes
there's a sun cloud that's moving down
I've seen my face back in the crowd, and I know
can't feel myself no more, oh oh

cos nobody lately, looks like you do
and nobody lately, sounds like you
nobody lately, looks like you do
nobody lately, feels like you
looks like you
sounds like you
touches like you

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