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Artist: Hawk Nelson
Song Title: Sheridan (Acoustic)
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I'm hard to understand when you don't know me
But can we sitll be friends
It's better off that way
Through my eyes I'll see you there
And I'll never be the same again

With my words I'll make a change
And'll never be the same again

It's hard to make amends
I know it isn't easy but try and understand
It's really not that bad

Through my eyes I'll see you there
It's hard to understand
When no one ever seems to care

With my words I'll make a change
And try to rearrange

And walls of fear come crashing down
I won't look back don't turn around
And with my life I'll make a change
And hope we'll all be friends again

And I'll never be the same again
And walls of fear come crahing down
And I'll never be the same again
I won't look back down turn around

And I'll never be the same

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