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Artist: Hawkwind
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Song Title: Back In The Box
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Back in the box, shut in the dark
Falling apart

Digging the dirt
Hiding the hurt

Locked in a dream
What does it mean?

Shut in the box
Too many locks

Back in the box, back in the box
Back in the box, back in the box

Counting down
Twisting round
See behind your back
Counting down
Twisting round
See behind your back
....behind your back [ x 7 ]

Locked in dreams
What does it mean?

Shut in a box
There's too many locks
Shut in a box
There's too many locks

Round and round
Round and round and round

I see you
Hanging there

Switch on the TV, look at the screen
Money for a Rolls or a washing machine
You pay your money and you pay your rent
Every day it's always spent
Maybe it starts to be the same
You look out your window and it starts to rain
Someone is saying it's time to die
Send us some money and I'll tell you why
I pay my stamps and I pay my tax
I daren't stop working and that's a fact
But all I see on the TV screen
Is starving kids and war machines
Is this what i've been taught in school?
Is education the golden rule?
the golden rule
the golden rule.......

Back in the box
Back in the box
Back in the box
Back in the box

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