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Artist: Hayley Westenra
Hayley Westenra Author
Album: Pure (2003)
Hayley Westenra - Pure Album
Song Title: Dark Waltz
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We are the lucky ones
We shine like a thousand suns
When all of the colour runs together

I'll keep you company
In one glorious harmony
Waltzing with destiny forever

Dance me into the night
Underneath the full moon shining so bright
Turning me into the light

Time dancers whirling past
I gaze through the looking glass
And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven

Sacred geometry
Where movement is poetry
Visions of you and me forever

Dance me into the night
Underneath the full moon shinig so bright
Turning me into the light

Dance me into the night
Underneath the full moon shinig so bright
Let the dark waltz begin
Oh let me wheel - let me spin
Let it take me again
Turning me into the light

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