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Artist: Hazen Street
Song Title: Hazen (Outro)
Genre: Alternative
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We are startin somethin
We wont back down not for nothin
We rappin from the east to the west coast (2x)

Hazen Street rock with some hip hop
We come a long way from the Biry blocks
I can't stop (can't stop)
Won't stop (won't stop)
Rap with DMS at the top right
With some new shit to keep you in flight
Got you feelin high
But now it's time to get mine
In the mean time, Diablos on the front line
Ready to blow your mind (blow) to another time

We are startin somethin (what you see is what you get now)
We wont back down not for nothin
We rappin from the east to the west coast (2x)

Dock one style
Check the profile
It gets a little wild in this part of town
East side (east side)
west side (west side)
No matter where we go its always do or die
Except for five if you know what I'm sayin right
Fifteen the squabble takin over tonight
Gun blazin
Put me on Hazen Street
Its amazin I made it to this day now

We are startin somethin (what you see is what you get now)
We wont back down not for nothin
We rappin from the east to the west coast (2x)

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