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Artist: H-Blockx
H-Blockx Author
Album: No Excuses (2004)
H-Blockx - No Excuses Album
Song Title: I Believe
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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Give me a reason
Why it's time to call it quits

Give me a reason
And I don't believe a bit

Give me a reason
To never let you go

Give me a reason
I've always told you so

I believe, yes I believe?

I believe in me and you

Give me a reason
For the need of changing me

Give me a reason
I'll never change indeed

Give me a reason and I will call it quits
The mirror might be broken but

I know how to fix it

I believe, yes I believe?

I believe in me and you

Four seasons in a year
One reason makes it clear
I?m not the one receiving
I guess you don?t oppose
I know we?re getting close
I?m the one retrieving

?Cause I believe!

I believe in me and you

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