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Artist: H-Blockx
H-Blockx Author
Album: More Than A Decade: Best Of (2004)
H-Blockx - More Than A Decade: Best Of Album
Song Title: Move
Genre: Alternative
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Text: Henning Wehland + Chris Wagner
Music: Chris Wagner + Stephan Hinz
Submitted: DmM "Platypus"

I was sitting at my desk,
I was a little depressed,
My nerves laid back
I was busy stressed,
Messed up
in the club
with the girlies but
I think about think about
think about youuuu.

I couldn't stay at home,
I couldn't stay alone,
So I thought about it
Talked about it on my microphone.
Because the plight that I have,
Is make the people grove
The plight that I have,
Is make the people move.
The crowd went wild
To the groove I was kicking
Up, down
and all around town
What you wanna do -WHAT-
Move to the groove?
What you want
What you want
What you want

Move yo, move move yo
Move yo, move move yo
Move yo, move move yo
Move yo, move move yo

Move I said,
Move I said
Move and go ahead
'Cause if we drop that beat
You gotta feel that treat-
ment by the bass
by the drums in your face,
Wanna see your left hand
Wanna see your right hand.
Still you gotta know
we are a live bad band.
Move to the rhythm
Move, move to the ryme
You can see it
You can feel it
You can hear it in the street.
Step one to the front,
Step two to the back,
Move I said
Move I said
Move and go ahead Fred

[repeat Chorus]

Come on
Come on
Come on now everybody
Move everybody
Move move everybody
Come on
Come on
Come on now everybody
Move it up
Move it down
Move it all around town

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