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Artist: Head Machine
Head Machine Author
Album: Supercharger (2001)
Head Machine - Supercharger Album
Song Title: Bulldozer
Genre: Metal: Alternative
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In to the battles, making cages rattle
There?s a pain that?s inside us and we?re letting out
Charge right it? we dare to fail
No on is giving in, always we live to win
A hunger turns and burns in all of us
And it will not be denied

Walking a path untravelled to reach a higher level
Challenging, always going against the grain
Blood for blood ?that?s the rule
And we will make the rules never be fortune?s fool
There?s right and wrong in almost everything we do
For us we do what is right

Bulldozer feeds off the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all

Somebody told me I should do what they told me
But there?s a hole in that plan and I?m tearing it down
Trust out guts? follow our hearts
No one can break these nuts, there lips ain?t kissin butts
The path of most resistance tests all of our strength
This strength
The strength will not be denied

Bulldozer feeds off the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all
Bulldozer feeds of the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all

Walking on paths untravelled
Challenging one and all
Deeper into the battle
Alone and standing tall
The more evolving changes
The more we stay the same
Full steam against the odds
Go headfirst against the grain

Full steam we go against the odds
Headfirst we go against the gain

Bulldozer goes against the odds
Bulldozer goes against the grain

Against the odds, against the grain
We go against the odds, agains the grain


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