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Artist: Heap Imogen
Heap Imogen Author
Album: I Megaphone (2002)
Heap Imogen - I Megaphone Album
Song Title: Come Here Boy
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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It's dark in here
And visions are flashing into my head as I reminisce
My re-occuring dream
And you said
"I'm falling, falling for you boy,
And my feelings are getting stronger
So why don't you stay with me for a, for a little longer?"

Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,

I know that my face
Is only too familiar to your sleep
I can see it in you eyes
And I can tell by your body
Why are you taking so long
Do you need me to come and find you, honey?
To set your mind at rest
And let your dreams run free

Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,

You know I'm no stranger in a dream
You know, I'm no stranger in a dream

Oh but I'm craving and counting
I'm begging and pleading
Be mine tonight, oh yeah
Well I'm waiting and dying
I'm wanting and waiting
To show you how much I care

Where I'll be touching and holding
Caressing and giving you
Every finety, yeah

I'll get you dreaming and lusting
And burning and crying
For more of this ecstacy, oh yeah

Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,
Come here boy,

You know, you know
I'm no stranger in your dreams

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