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Artist: HED P.E.
HED P.E. Author
Song Title: Bad Dream
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Well everybody got they hopes and dreams
Evertime I wake up, I feel the pain like a thousand pins and needles falling like rain
Alone in my bedroom, alone with my pain
I try to cut it out with whiskey and things but when I dry up I wanna die again
Grab another bottle get high again
Just prayin' that my momma don't cry again
Sometimes it feels like a bad dream, a bad dream, when can I go home?
Sometimes it feels like a bad dream, a bad dream, when can I go home?
When we was kids, seems like life was easy
Be home before dark, don't sit too close to the tv
A couple years later getting high gettin laid
Get your hustle on, gettin money gettin paid
Lookin' for the answers, confused about life
Can't trust noone, Can't do no right
Your girlfriend fucked your best friend
Everybody knew it didn't say nothin
Sometimes it feels like a bad dream, a bad dream, when can I go home?
Sometimes it feels like a bad dream, a bad dream, when can I go home?
I don't know you but im about to know you real good
I don't love you but im about to love you real good
You should know i'm a man of my word
Everything that I get, I deserve, and you gon' learn that
I be the brotha with mass appeal
I got hunnies open already so I close mass deals shit
I aint a player, I just fuck a lot
I get on top a lot
Like getting head up in the parking lot
Yeah, but hunnies fall in love a lot
I wear the glove a lot, but ain't no way im about to tie the knot
Shit, cause i don't love these hoes
And i'd advise you not to fuck that hoe
Yeah i'd advise you self destruct that hoe
Silly of me to fall in love with a hoe
Silly of me to put my trust in a hoe
You should know once a hoe always a hoe
Sometimes it feels like a bad dr

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