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Artist: Heir Apparent
Song Title: Just Imagine
Genre: Rock
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Just imagine things beyond the chains of understanding
Beyond reason, beyond logic, beyond fear
Believe the inconceivable, feel the unbelievable
Don't bother asking "Is this real?"

Just imagine meaning in the things you never dreamed of
Like your leaders, your lovers, and your songs
Natural Order's changing, in effect
Giving everyone a cause

Dreamer dreaming in a seeming sleepless land
Just imagine:

Just imagine something inside nothing
Like a child in emptiness
Or a dreamer in the dark
Creative cryogenics - a mind
A candle yearning for a spark

Dreamer dreaming in a seeming sleepless land
Just imagine:
Just imagine peace where there was none before
Under virgin skies
Just imagine children with hope
Again in their eyes

Just imagine:

Just imagine people really caring
And not just saying they do
Just imagine nations really talking
Like me and you:

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