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Artist: I Am The Avalanche
Song Title: Symphony
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You?re a gallon away
From drowning yourself
But I don?t mind
Its what makes to seal you
And you?re a flames lick away
From burning yourself
But we?re not scared
You always bounce back

So promise me if we both die violently
That the blood dripping from our chin
Is a symphony

And i'm a mile away
From ever turning around
And living my life
Rolling on gas fumes
And i?m a second away
From the liquor time
Four days spent
Waiting in line

So bury me with my giant screen TV
It?s the only thing that?s been faithful to me

Ryan smokes these days
And ken sleeps too far
And Paul?s still super man
I?ve been builders
And Ryan shaved his beard
And ken shaved his too
And Paul is still on the phone

So promise me if we both die violently
That the blood dripping from our chin
Is a symphony

Promise me that if we both live in infamy
That our statues will cast a shadow on a city

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