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Song Title: God Rocket
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Undertow, youre thrown

An old God has one bolt left

In flight

An aeroplane in slow motion

While all around are dark days

With all around unsure

Ill hole up in the right place and wait

Until the tide has turned...with anger...im dead weight...im anchored

The white dove has done

The one world has come down hard

So why not

Share the pain of our ptoblems

When all around are wrong ways

When all around is hurt

Ill roll up in an odd shape and wait

Until the tide has turned...with anger...im dead weight...im anchored

Can somebody give me the all safe

Can somebody tell me

Im so well loved in the glow and stain

In the slow parade, will somebody tell me

Im so well loved

...and the light that shines

Our road has overstated nothing while all the wine and hope

Are like a hill that you will climb slow for something you could

Not ever have

And when you said now the dream is dead, our autimns will never rise again

You were right again and it hurts

Wild awesome friends

They face a plain red sober wind and know the pain

For what it is

Theyre always the ones who slow the drift

Who live for all thats more than this

Who love for all that burns

To choose their words...with anger...and dead weight...theyre anchored

Went looking for something good with august

In the rain and all Ive ever saved

Im stuck at the fork that hids

My road

Why does the ground take hold once every mile from home?

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