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Artist: I Voted For Kodos
Song Title: Cow Eyes
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I'm giving up on you

'cause of all the thing you do

you wear your hair up in a spike

always do things that I don't like

like the time you slashed my tires

then you lit my clothes on fire

I really don't mean to whine

but I was wearing them at the time

I'm giving up on you

'cause you never come through

like the time that your aunt

needed a kidney transplant

you were supposed to be there at five

but you just had to see Weezer live

hope you really liked Butterfly

'cause during that song, poor Edina died

Whoa, live like the world was meant for you

Whoa, act like I was too

Whoa, seems like it's never good enough for you

Whoa, Whoa yeah!

Well I can't say that I'm sorry, 'cause that would be like a lie

And I can't say that I like you, 'cause I don't, but I sure as hell try

But I can say you're forgiven, even though you did nothing wrong

Now it's time to pick it up (pick it up), and move along with this song

Whoa, live like the world was meant for you

Whoa, act like I was too

Whoa, seems like it's never good enough for you

Whoa, Whoa yeah!

I'm giving up on you

'cause you won't stop sniffing glue

you know that stuff messes up your brain

I really think that you're going insane

'cause you told me that you're going to

sell your car and buy a gun

move on out to Hollywood

hook up with a Wayens bro

crash the Jerry Springer show

stop the big conspiracy

and save the world from Kathy Lee

Whoa, live like the world was meant for you

Whoa, act like I was too

Whoa, though I try it's never good enough for you

Whoa, Whoa yeah!

(Yoda rules!!!)

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