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Artist: I Voted For Kodos
Song Title: Pastaroni
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Six o'clock, I'm hungry and alone
So I call you on the phone
'cause I know that you'll be home
and I can't see why you wouldn't be, girl
and I know that I made enough for you
'cause I know that I made enough for two
Still I'm left here asking

Why I'd want to share my Pastaroni
With anyone I don't know
But especially why......
Why I'd want to share my Pastaroni
With anyone I don't know
But especially why......why with you.

Three hours later, I'm still hungry
and I'm still alone
'cause I sent you home
and I know I shouldn't have used you
But she used me, and as usually
My spite has made me

Why I'd want to share my Pastaroni
With anyone I don't know
But especially why......
Why I'd want to share my Pastaroni
With anyone I don't know
But especially why......why with you

Tripping, trying, to get to you

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