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Artist: I Voted For Kodos
Song Title: Shallow Grave
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He never wanted it like this
Just for once, (he'd) like to be greeted with a kiss
But he's scared of his own home
She never leaves him alone
For twenty-three years he stood quietly
While she took his manhood, and his dignity
(but) Now the kids are all gone
This shouldn't take very long

He dug a shallow grave
To the earth he took his spade
Couldn't stand for one more day
So he dug a shallow grave

He takes breath and he says a prayer
Raises his shovel high into the air
He brings it down upon her head
Just one blow and now she's dead
Drags her body to the back door
Leaves a trail of blood on the floor
He bends down to close her eyes
And then he starts to cry
But never the less, he's glad that she's gone
Throws her in the ground and piles the dirt on
Goes inside to wash his face
Feels his heart begin to race

He dug a shallow grave
To the earth he took his spade
Couldn't stand for one more day
So he dug a shallow grave

Starts to realize just what he's done
Goes into the basement, grabs his gun
Puts the barrel to his head
Can't believe she's really dead

What will he tell the neighbors, when they pass by the way?
What will he tell the children, when they come on Christmas day?
What will he tell her parents, when they ask for their daughter?
What will he tell the D.A. when they charge him with manslaughter

He pulls the trigger and he hears a click
The quick solution's not always the quickest fix

He dug a shallow grave
To the earth he took his spade
Couldn't stand for one more day
So he dug a shallow grave
... no reason to get excited

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