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Artist: Ian Janis
Song Title: Down And Away
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I know your name
Through every drop of rain that falls
I've known them all
Through every stillborn hurricane
and the skies unchained
On the unwashed plain
And the driving rain

Time has a way of slipping past
Like reason through the hourglass
We hear too fast
The lines don't last

Not like they used to do
When I had you
The lines I threw away
Down and away

I loved you young
When all impression gathered, spun
On foreign suns
We gathered crumbs

One or another drifting by
Past regiments of humble pie
And the soggy sky
And the unstitched eye
Writ across the glass
Of an unsung past

Not like it used to do
When I had you
The words I threw away
Down and away

On the unmarked road to hell
All the faithless heroes dwell
And the wine blood sand
Of a burned out land
Drifting on the wind
Of each and every faceless sin

Bursting through the eyes
Of these whitewashed skies
Not unlike the sighs
Of your pale blue thighs
Unchecked visions stream
Each, succeeding, dreams
On the rights of kings
And the balance swings

Not like it used to do
When I had you
The lives I threw away
Down and away
Down and away

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