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Artist: Ian Tyson
Song Title: Non-pro Song
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Every evening on the interstate
Stop and go traffic he can hardly wait
To turn on the gravel
Leave the downtown core behind
Technology was going to set us free
That ain't the way it turned out to be
A little bit of leisure is
Harder and harder to find
He hits the gravel with some relief
He's older now and it's his belief
He maybe should have been just
A cowboy on the land
So saddle them ponies, open the gate
Gather them cattle 'cause supper can wait
It's the day in the life
Of a non-pro cuttin' horse man
This could be the year he puts it all together
This could be the year he finally gets it right
With a little luck and he don't draw into bad cattle
He'll be riding in the finals
On a Fort Worth Saturday night
(Y'know it's a)
Funny thing about this cuttin' game
A man gets hooked he's never the same
All he wants to do is ride and hunt a cow
So he'd better have an understanding wife
And keep it all together in his business life
If he wants to be cuttin' a couple of years from now
Ah, but there is magic in the horses' feet
In the way they jump and the way they sweep
It's an addiction, not that hard to understand

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