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Album: This Killing Emptiness (2000)
Ice Ages - This Killing Emptiness Album
Artist: Ice Ages
Song Title: Lifeless Sentiments
Genre: Darkwave
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Void in my mind, in my thoughts,
that never knew this life
just feel your force that contradicts my life

Live threw the night then you'll feel,
this terror force I found
This terror force I found in distant times.

This Gate to the scope of my mind
is locked by live unknown
My mind is caught, please trespass if you dare.

Live threw the night then you'll feel,
this terror force I found
This terror force I found in distant times.

Come, you saved my hollow dream;
and all this hiding places there,
where you and me have been before
where I don't seen what you have suffered

All this lifeless sentiments
are here to stroke my skin no more
just watch me from my unknown side
and be here when this heart gets blind.

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