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Artist: Ice Cube
Ice Cube Author
Song Title: Givin Up the Nappy Dugout
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Your daughter was a nice girl now she's a slut.
A queen treatin' niggas just like King Tut.
Gobbin' up nuts sorta like a hummingbird
suckin' up the Lench Mob crew and I'm comin' third.
Used to get straight As now she's just skippin' class.
Oh my do I love to grip the hips and ass.
Only 17 with a lot of practice on black boys' jimmys and white boy's cactus.
Sorry sorry sorry but I gotta be brief:
a lotta niggas like bustin' nuts in her teeth.
Drink it up, drink it up, even though she's Catholic,
that don't mean shit, cuz she's givin' up the ass quick.
Quicker than you can say "candy", the bitch is on my Snicker...and oh man she
can take on three men built like He-Men;
her little-bitty twat got gallons of semen.
Fourteen niggas in line ready to bang your
pride-and-joy, I mean daddy's little angel.
Tell the bitch to get her ass out the house,
cuz your daughter's known for givin' up the nappy dugout.

Chorus, 2x: I got a big old ding-a-ling, and if that bitch remains,
I'm gonna do my thing, with your dauuuughter!

Mister, mister, before you make me go,
I'm here to let you know your little girl is a hoe.
Nympho, nympho, boy is she bad; get her all alone and out come the kneepads.
I know she's a minor and it is illegal,
but the bitch is worse than Vanessa Del Rio.
And if you decide to call rape, we got the little hooker on tape, now:
tell the fuckin' slut to please hurry up,
and wear that dress that's tight on her butt,
so I can finger-fuck on the way to the bed,
been in so many rooms, she got a dot on her forehead.
Face turnin' red from grabbin' them ankles.
Fuck and get up is how I do them stank-hoes.
You should hear how she sounds with a cock in her,
boots get knocked from here to Czechoslovakia.
Two on top, one on the bottom;
first nigga got the boots, man, you shoulda shot 'im.
Cuz after I got 'em it was over. Now niggas get lucky like a four-leaf clover.
On daddy's little girl.
She keeps nuts in her mouth like the bitch was a squirrel.
So tell Sheryl to bring her ass home,
cuz the line at my house is gettin' loooooooong, and....

("Givin' up the nappy, givin' up the nappy..

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