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Artist: Ice Cube
Ice Cube Author
Song Title: My Skin Is My Sin
Genre: Alternative
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featuring W.C.

* Originally appeared as a B side to Cube's "Really Doe" single

Motherfucker you'd better break yourself...

[Ice Cube]
My skin is my sin look at my complexion
Section 8 erection great
Balls like Ru Paul and a big fat plank
Get you higher than a Spike Lee joint
See I'm a chicken hawk and I'm hunting chicken and watermelon
It ain't nothing but hard time bailing
Just got a misdomener
Cause I got a deuce-five, and I'm black as Sarafina
Get the hell out Somolia, we didn't call y'all
I can't wait till I can kill all y'all
Fuck Reggie Denton and Jimmy (Johnny) Cochran
Damn I couldn't get close enough to sock him
I plead guilty your honor
Cause I dissed the Pope more times than Sinead O'Connor
Huh huh, cool, like Butthead and Beavis
Truer than the Mack but I'm downer than he is
And that police chief named Willie
Can take his motherfucking ass back to Philly
Dropped a bomb on a crew named "Move"
Years ago, here's a hoe
That's ready to stop me, they think I'm Khadafi
Rolling in a six-tre jalopy
They want to give me ten in the pen cause I'm smelling like Hen
My skin is my sin

My S-K-I-N is my S-I-N ("Burning our black skin") (Repeat 2x)

[Ice Cube]
I Get Around like Tupac, just bought a new glock
And I want what you got
So please give it up so I can live it up
Just like the rich but I still eat grits
I don't know karate
But I can still beat the dog shit out of Nazis
You claim you want to put in work
Plotting to blow up a church
See you devils are all the same
You'll gun down a congregation in Jesus' name
Using me as a scapegoat, well cracker don't sleep
Far from a goat, more like a black sheep
Lamb of God, and it's odd
That Allah is a man that don't need a tan
And you can't stand when I talk like that
And why do black men have to walk like that?
Cause we swing low like a chariot
And now I got Harriet all on my dick
Cause my shoe size is much bigger than a motherfucking 10
My skin is my sin

My S-K-I-N is my S-I-N ("Burning our black skin") (Repeat 2x)

Who's that janky-ass nigga with last?
Standing like a G pissing on America's flag
Dub C, the nigga from Westside
Westide Maad Circle bailing with a double barrel
Cause uh, my skin is my sin
And all I need is knowledge of self and ammunition is my best friend
When it's time to roll nigga, we ain't calling on Jesus
I'm calling Mad Dog for the 9 millimeters
Cause I give the song with those peckerwoods to the fullest
And a bitch by the name of America's on it
The same bitch that jacked my forefathers
And the Indians took my motherfucking religion
Place a holy Bible in my hand, but for what?
Like Jim Kelly said, "You try to set me up?" Shit...
I'm too slick for your lies in disguise
When will you devils open your eyes and realize?
Like Pepsi, niggas got a new generation
And we don't want your American education
Ain't no brain washing this way
Fuck America, Tom Meztger, and KKK
And to the cracker named J.B. Stoner
Don't let me catch you on no corners
I see you on TV talking more shit
But just like your punk-ass anscestors, you's a bitch
You's a bitch if I ever saw one
Grand Wizard bring your ass on Imperial so we can get physical
And watch God show and prove
Not only mentally but physically the black man rules
So run devil run, you's to best start running
Because the niggas are coming, oh, the niggas are coming
And ain't no way you gon' win
Cause I come from a tribe of O.G.'s and my skin is my sin

My S-K-I-N is my S-I-N ("Burning our black skin") (Repeat 2x

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