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Artist: Ice Cube
Ice Cube Author
Song Title: You Know Im a Hoe
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From The Player's Club Sdtk.

Master P (Cube)
I'm ready
(Ay yo P What's crackin' nigga?)
I'm tryin' to get my roll on Cube.
(So where we headed?)
The Player's Club fool. You 'Bout It?
(I'm 'Bout It nigga I heard it was hoes at The Player's Club.)
Oh yeah like that big booty girl that you know
yo' boy was tryin' to holler at her uh she be out there too
(Oh yeah yeah)
let's go get our bump on You ready?

Now which one of y'all freaks wanna get down
with the biggest nigga in town the world renowned
You can meet me downtown in the lobby
walkin' past niggas that's dry as the Mojave (unnnngh)
step into the elevator push the Penthouse (what)
Smell the smoke in the hall we gettin' bent out
we just sent out for room service
Why you actin' cool & yo' cousin lookin' nervous
Bullshit conversation 'bout yo' occupation
here we go with this mandantory time wastin'
My nigga Master P is in Suite 23 doin' hella shit (unnnnngh)
to ya relative
In the ghetto we turnin' fine hoes into petals
hands on our metals never have to fetch hoes
they come runnin' with they fans & they best clothes
to get stuck by the nigga with the million bucks
I won't lie and say I had a million fucks
I tell you what 'cause I get 'em then I share 'em
I get my ham fucked up then I ? 'em

Cause I'm a hoe you know I'm a hoe
I fuck three different bitches after every show
Cause I'm a hoe you know I'm a hoe
How do you know because I told ya so

Master P
If it don't make dollars then it don't make sense (no)
Cube & Master P goin' half on a wench (biotch)
I ain't Whodini I'm the nigga with the beanie (yeah)
'bout to hit the Player Club lookin' for a genie
36-24-36 a hoochie with a big butt & some tits
she gotta be rowdy I mean be 'Bout It
share the nana with my boys or ya outtie
My El Do ride up with the 20 inch wheel
wood grain in the slamp for the sex appeal
got 'em bumpin' jumpin' sayin' somethin'
How ya do dat there the hoes keep comin'

There dey go there dey go there dey go
no matter how much ya give 'em
they gon' want some more
So I'm a ho you know I'm a ho
make 'em say Unnnngh
then I let them go
See I'm a ho you know I'm a ho
make 'em say Unnnngh
then I let them go
See he's a ho you know he's a ho
How do ya know 'cause I told ya so

Yeah Westside hoes say Unnnnnngh (Westside)
Down South hoes say Unnnnngh
East Coast hoes say Unnnnngh
Midwest hoes say Unnnnnngh

You's a ho you know you's a ho
How do we know because yo pussy is sore
A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick one
A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick two
What huh what huh huh huh
A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick one
A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick two
C: Ay yo P man with all the hoes I see you with
man I know you's a ho.
P: Shit nigga you the ho nigga all the bitches I
done seen you with.
C: Naw man homey you the biggest ho in town homey
P: Nigga but when I say ho though Cube you know I
that didn't mean nuthin' bad it just mean that you got a
lot of hoes that's real, so probably when yo' son grow up
he gon' be a ho. When my son grow up he gon' be a ho.
But ho mean good though (fa sho) yeah nigga. Ha haa
My fuckin' grandchildren probably gon' be hoes (Damn)
C: That mean my great great great great grandchildren
gon' have bitches (& they gon' have hoes) fa sho
P: They probably gon' be hoes. The niggas gon' be hoes
& oh I don't know how it go but uhh what the bitches
gon' be then if the niggas gon' be hoes?
C: Hoettes Bitches Hoes nigga (oh OK)
Well what hoes you talkin' 'bout?
P: Don't make me call yo baby mama
C: Don't make me call yo baby mama
P: Chill out chill out nigga chill out
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