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Artist: Icy Blu
Song Title: Pump It (Nice n Hard)
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Come on and sit over here and let me tell you a little bed time story

Pick up on me, Pick up on me, Pick up on me, Pick up on me

Rollin' into town, I'm down, for an evenin' of dancin'
A little chit-chat and lots of who's zat
And several invitin' glances (pick up on me)
Walked into the club, people were jammin' 'cause the base was thumpin'
I was standin' on the side with my home girl, Shirl
My body all set to get pumpin' (nice 'n' hard)
And another time I said my oh my, would I be hearin' these type in jeans
I guy lookin' fly said his name was Ty
He claimed to be a dancin' machine (pick up on me)
Well now on the floor his results were poor, so you see I had to take charge
I says listen up Jake, get the bone outcha back and pump it, pump it, nice 'n' hard

(Pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it nice 'n' hard) Pick up on me
(Pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it nice 'n' hard) Pick up on me
(Pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it nice 'n' hard) Pick up on me
(Pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it nice 'n' hard) Pick up on me

I said goodbye to fly guy type, 'cause his pump was more like a fizz
And bein' the dancer that I am, I felt it was my bizz (pick up on me)
To find someone who wasn't shy, I guy not afraid to pump it
That's when I overheard a guy named Tom, just blowin' his own trumpet (nice 'n' hard, pump it)
He said he knew just what to do once he got out on the floor
I grabbed his hand, we danced, I'm 2 and 0, but who's keepin' score
He said how'm I livin', I said thanks be given, you're livin' but not too large
I said you're pumpin' okay but you're in no way to pump it, pump it nice 'n' hard (pick up on me)

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