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Artist: Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop Author
Album: Naughty Little Doggie (1996)
Iggy Pop - Naughty Little Doggie Album
Song Title: Keep On Believing
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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I woke up in the quiet dark
Fed the cat and hit the park
Cutest chicest chocolate queen
Look and smiled right at me
Keep on believing, keep on believing
Keep on believing, keep on believing

She said "hi" without no sound
Made my head go Iight and 'round
She was dressed to kill tne pope
Ard what she did she gave me hope
I smiled back without no sound
I said "hi" and left the ground
Keep on believing, keep on believing, keep on believing

Life won't leave me alone
Trouble won't leave rne alone
Strenght don't leave me alone
Truth don't leave me alone

She looked so bright in pixie hair
She made me know how much I cared
Her brown eyes gave me butterflies
Sho towed my soul up to the sky
Keep on believing, keep on believing
Keep on believing, keep on believing

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