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Artist: Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop Author
Album: New Values (1979)
Iggy Pop - New Values Album
Song Title: New Values
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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I'm healthy as a horse

Ahh, but everything is spinnin'

And if I use a gun I'm sure to go to prison

I'm stubborn as a mule

and nobody breaks my rules

Ahh, but nothin' comes my way.

I've got a hard-ass pair of shoulders

I've got a love you can't imagine

Yeah, and what I got I double

I swear I'm keepin' out of trouble.

I'm lookin' for one new value

I'm lookin' for one new value

but nothing comes my way.

We live in the same world..

We were young in the 20th century...

Ahh, but nothin' comes my way.

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