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Artist: Ikon
Song Title: Beginning Of The end
Genre: Alternative
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I give what it takes
You get what you want
For my mistakes I'm well aware

If I could go back
I'd do it again
But well before I'm drowning

I cannot reassure
As I have lost my vision
I've fallen to the floor
I can't fight my decision

Now I can see
I have my control
From despair
I'm back again

You tried to deceive
I'll never forget
For now you'll pay and suffer

I cannot reassure
As I have lost my vision
I've fallen to the floor
I can't fight my decision

I know that things could never be the same
I've gone too far and now that I have changed

Does it feel the same for you (Repeat)

I gave what you wanted
But now it's too much
How much longer can I stand

I've broken the chains
That kept me restrained
So let me go and begin again

Begin again(Repeat)

From: This Quiet Earth

by Chris McCarter

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