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Artist: Illdisposed
Illdisposed Author
Song Title: No More Time
Genre: Rock
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More power to the people from beyond
What I used to say
Won?t leave the job half done
We?ll take another round
Never saw it coming
The boys are back in town
In town
Wake up

We?re about to land
And we have tightened our act

No more time for that mellow crap
About time you called in the boys

We put our feet down ? Touch the ground
And we make it last
Don?t want to fight this round
You?ll see another core
In which you?ll trust
The boys are on the floor

We?re about to land
And we have tightened our act

We?re about to land
And we have tightened our act

No more time for that mellow way
Regardless opinions
We guarantee we?ll stay
There is no other game
We want to play
The boys are all the same

No more time for that mellow crap
About time you called in the boys

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