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Artist: Illnath
Illnath Author
Album: Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure (2003)
Illnath - Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure Album
Song Title: Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure
Genre: Metal
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At the brink of Hell an island swims in lakes of fire by the darkened plains
Deserted and dead it declares its place
By spewing it's magma like blood from its veins and covering the island
In a black, poisonous haze

This was the first spot where the angel Lucifer set his foot
And claimed and declared this view as his home
He came from the north, and alone was he not
But joined by the followers from the roads he had roamed

Here he set his haven. Here where angels die
Here he baptise the newcomers in fire. On the Devil's own Sinai.

"Sinai roars as your frail brittle bones viciously torn, mutilated and
Bleeding lava pulsating like blood, 'neath your skin as it withers and

Still the damned gather here to hail
Amidst burning smoke beneath black skies
Hellhounds bark at the northern pale view...
This is the common abyss for all alike
Where the red, melted stone fl ow a scorching river
Into the day in north, and in south... the night.

And here (Here you are) on the outstretching fields (On Elysium grounds)
Far away (Far away from life). God (God) is out of reach

Here they gather to spit and curse and bark
From the south of heaven where angels are told
Not to approach nor to look nor to set foot
Where the truth of Armageddon will unfold

Here they sacrifice the captured saints .
Here is where the torture awaits
Here is where you abandon your faith.
On the Devil's own Sinai...

They wait and wail in ghastly pain
While digging deep inside, insane.
Inflict a wound you heal in vain
As blood pours black from pierced veins
They crush and cut, the dark stone stained
A ribcage opens, a hole that frames-acapo

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