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INANNA: Now I've gotten everything I wanted, but I feel it's not what I need

Was Dumuzi right when he said I loved to kill, and watch men bleed

My mind is full of thoughts and things that I can't explain

After all that I've been through I still feel that I have no name

Oh, if I'm a goddess, why do I feel I have no control?

Will I have to conquer every land that I see

Before I feel whole?

Should I tear down their walls?

Should I break down their doors?

I can't fight this madness

Oh, I've got to have more

And no one can stop me....

Now the day is ending

The desert wind blows cold

And I'm feeling so lonely - I'm feeling so old

There's just no use in pretending that the loss of Dumuzi didn't tear apart my soul

Should I tear down their walls?

Should I break down their doors?

Oh, I can't fill this sadness

I've got to have more

And no one can stop me....

I don't want to seem so contrary

I don't want to seem like I've lost my mind

I don't want to seem like some kind of monster

I don't want people to think that I'm so unkind

I've been given a palace and a country

But still I have a hunger

How can I be sated?

I should dine on sweet and pure emotion

But every time I want to love, they feed me hatred....

So I'll tear down their walls

And I'll break down their doors

I can't fill this hunger

Oh, I've got to have more

And no one can stop me....

I've been thinking about places I'd like to hold in my hand

Once again my mind turns to Egypt, with its idle, golden lands

I'd like to get my hands around the necks of t

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