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Artist: Inbred
Song Title: Jesus Youth
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Hallelujah, brothers and sisters, hallelujah!!
I want'cha to dig deep in your pockets
and tell me how much you LOVE Jesus...

You preach the truth and present the facts
You don't know them all and you don't stop to ask
Smug and secure with your bible in your hand
Condemn what you don't understand!
(and don't bother to learn...)

You'll talk all night if I agree with what you say
But if I don't you just talk in circles and turn away
And in my frustration the message comes through...
I'm worth nothing unless I'm just like you! FUCK YOU!

and you keep on sayin' "hey, man, do another hit o'
this Jesus man, and everything'll be OKAY...
One hit o' this shit, man, and you'll never have to
worry about usin' your free will again!!!"

Because it's god's will you help build the bomb
then pray for the people you help drop it on
Ignorance is all the strength that you need
to be a serf in the kingdom of a heaven that bleeds
you dry

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