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Artist: Incantation
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Song Title: Profination
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Possess the soul of the weak.
Walk the gates that open wide.
For the ones that will die enter the world that waits inside...

Now decieve the cross, induce thou evil.
Hypnotize the wrath of priest.
Redeem the soul of deceased.
Confront the demons of the dark...

To enchant soul of innocence, deviate the mortal life.
Reincarnate the evil spirit, deviate the mortal life.
Unleash the blood of the goat, raise high the horns of hell.
Profanation of the gods, sacriligeous torment.
Soul has come to it's final task, demons carved your burning flesh.
Arise the ones from eternal sleep, come forth and show you rotted

Pentagram is hailed in hell.
Star of death brings infinite life.
Enter the circle and desecrate.
Devours the soul, embalminate the body...

Thoughts of death are near.
Angels child lives in fear.
Taken from the holy land.
Tortured in hell forever damned...

Blasphemy - left to die.
Sodomy - the blood is raised.
Reap of evil - takes it's toll.
Profanation of the gods

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