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Artist: Infamous Mobb
Song Title: Die 4
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[Ty Knitty](G.O.D. Pt.3)

Murda muzik

All y'all niggas


Watch ya self (*music begins*)

Infamous mobb

It's over dunn

It's over(it's over)

Check it out dunn(we got em dunn)

All y'all niggaz

Sit there

Like y'all in a classroom(stick them niggaz)

All y'all niggaz

Sit there(Niggaz best list)

Pay attention(pay attention)

All y'all niggaz to me is like new to this

I been doing shows

And I been living on the road

What y'all wanna know

Is what you can't know

I been burning down pounds of 'dro

Ay yo it's like this

I rep for my clique

Never burn my britches

As a youth

I hustled and I played ball too

I regret,not going all the way

Coulda been in the NBA

Now I'm in the spotlight

Iced out

No way out

And thugged out

Only child, to seed

Nigga need room to breathe

And bud to smoke

This life ain't no joke

Chorus[Ty Knitty]

Only my clique I'ma rep and I die 4

One head watch the other

We goin' ride for

Want another when it's time for

Action, packin', blastin', rappin' yo whatever

(Overlapped by G.O.D. Pt.3's first line)

G.O.D. Pt.3]


Speak when you spoken to

Otherwise keep your mouth shut

Niggaz is butt

We liver' than fuck

Don't get yourself cut, stalked, stabbed or shanked

Be about bank

Criminal uplink

But niggaz don't think shit stink

Til shit hit the wind blower

Until your man crippled up in the hospital

Fuck, dunn it's over

When we come through

Chuck jewels and things

Blow out your brain

Keep it simple

Sly, keep it movin'

No evidence involved when we do it

First infantry, first unit

My art theraputic

I'm sharp, the god

I tear through your heart

Hear the sound of the 40 cal. bark


[Twin Gambino]

I give thanks to the people that's gone

You made me strong

And ready for life out there

You betta prepare

Everywhere you at dunn, you betta watch your back

And stay strapped

Cuz these days niggaz don't know how to act

That shit is wack

Like we on the block sellin' crack

But now I rap and I know God didn't give me this gift

Cuz I put time and dedication to write this shit

You don't wanna see me flip

Dunn, I'm sick in the head

The reason, because my other half is dead

So when there's drama

I take it to the fullest extreme

Try to blow ya head off

With a M-16

Know what I mean

Comin' from Queens

Where it seems like a dream with thugs

Fake love between each other


[Ty Knitty]


Knowha' I mean dunn(faggot ass nigga)

It's QB nigga(it's over)

Take it like that dunn

Niggaz can't fuck wit us baby


Infamous nigga


We takin' over(queensbridge finest)

Just listen to this(kick dog)

Just listen to this(kick dog)

Just listen to this




Yo, yo, yo

Rapper Noyd

Big P

Filthy, grimy


That what it be like(listen to this)

Freak ya hoe at this(listen to this)

Take a seat nigga(take a seat)

41st side(it's over)

Right(check it out dunn)

Class is over

Faggot niggas dismissed(just listen to this)

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