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Artist: Infamous Mobb
Song Title: Mobb Niggaz
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f/ Prodigy

"We be the Infamous" -> Prodigy (repeated throughout intro)

[Intro: Prodigy]

You know, ever since I could remember I wanted to be a gangsta

Them real gangstas that is, them Mobb niggaz

Them killers that moved in silence, them round table niggas

But when I think back, them gangstas around my way

There was this one nigga that went by the name of...

[Godfather Pt. III]

The God motherfuckers get scarred with no bars

Hold animal niggas that go to war with a vengeance

All you gotta do is mention the click, and that's that

Reconstruct your whole thought, with bloodsport force

All y'all off course niggas get shook back in place

I pop heavy, we Rock Steady, shots to your face

From a place where I was thought always hold mine, so I'ma hold this

We the Infamous, continous hits

of nothin but that raw street, ghetto shit

Pah, we kill dogs to the death, lay niggas to rest

Drink Henny cold best, fuck bein the best

I peel through chest, 'till I see your flesh

Eat your heart, and spit it out, I could give a fuck less

Get stuck up in some shit, that you know you gon' regret


"We be the Infamous" -> Prodigy (repeats throughout interlude)

[Interlude: Prodigy]

This some crazy shit

Yeah that's right, you know

We talkin that real criminal shit


Niggas like that is hard to come by

They don't make niggas like that everyday man

And now that I'm thinkin, I can remember this other nigga

Aiyyo, this is a gangsta, this is a real gangsta nigga right here


Bandana P, Banana Clip P

E'rybody move back, it's 'bout to get ugly

They try and shit on me like I ain't a made nigga

I ain't gotta send soldiers, I hit niggas

Bang your head off, big respect like the name Xerox

Run bitch, I'm airin out your blid-ock

Niggas get shot fuckin with me, of course

You a rap nigga, I'm a crime boss

I'm a full bread, full-fledged Mobb nigga

I Pledge alliegance to my Infamous flag, niggas get tagged

and bagged, for comin at my familia

This ain't the Roc nigga, we ain't them faggot ass niggas

It's just that gangsta shit, from the world's most dangerous click

that walk any pavement, I do what the fuck I feel,

say what the fuck I want

These niggas be bitin' they tongue

"We be the Infamous" -> Prodigy (repeat to fade)

[Outro: Prodigy]

Yeah, ok, uh-huh, ok

Die by whatever, knowI'msayin?

Whatever, shit man

All my dogs, all my Mobb dogs, man

Gambino, the Godfather, that nigga Bandana P

Uh-huh, Banana Clip P, H-a-v-o-c (Havoc)

Ty Knitty, one time, Ty Knitty

It's that Mobb shit, Raw Gotti

You know? Bars N Hooks (Bars N Hooks)

Littles, Cormega, it don't get more gangsta than that, boy

Rapper Noyd, y'all niggas ain't ready

B12, you heard? KnowI'msayin dunn?

I could teach you about this shit right here, man

KnowI'msayin? We got history, man

We go back, man, this ain't no game, nigga

Oh hell no, I'm sayin, this shit just throw together, man

We put out the world, hell no, we blood, sweat and tears

This shit's the real..

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