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Artist: Infernal Dominion
Song Title: Salvation Through Infinite Suffering
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conceive me a hell in which i shall burn for all time for my crimes
i wear the mark of true defiance in what is holy and pure to god
i wear the mark of misery imposed onto the greatness of evil
i am he that shelters nothing
i am he that will not bow down
i'm the one agianst the strength above
and i will test all men righteous
falsity makes men lie, minds die
i will not perish
this is my oath
i'll be honored to burn for my hatred for god
see this face and those near
testify of hell's will
i crawl to no lord and seek no solace
comfort comes from hate for the skies above
no flames can harm me still
i wear the mark of what profound evil does mean
search heaven, you won't find such truth
that you will see what i believe
salvation through infinite suffering
my salvation

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