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Artist: Infinite
Song Title: Gotta Get Mine
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You heard them kids that's cold as ever
So stash this in humble rivers
Not forgettin' the name
Infinite with gold frame
Night for us thought they gotta lock this mic in a chain
Everybody wants to rule the world and saddle my name
Yo we whiping off slugs
Before they blow like 380 grains that fit inside milis
You know the dili
Born God I'm on a different flex at night
Yo everything's crisp
Like pourin' guiness down the end of a chaulis pipe
I've got you hooked like a cussie looking for cookie
Chop chop tied 'em with blood in a cup
I made you think twice to this so kick back and drink your whites
Most talks are negative and some are dead while they live

Strivin' to find a way
I gotta get mine
We find oirselves today
Is freedom time
Strivin' to find a way in tryin' times in this life
I gotta get mine

Yo, doin' shine moves like that old lady sky with a basin
Carry from crime scenes not to exact they destinations
Like crosstwon
Task force invading your grounds
Everybody slowly in the hallway
Survalence in the lobby
Father I can't make this hobby unknown
I turn the H sideways like it's shown
2-0 sewn
A diamond cuts and A diamond cuts stone
Dirty holsters hold dirty chromes
Here today, tommarrow you're gone
It's on these hidden cameras
Glare these forty calibers
They Shone
Bout to feel the future, it's on
From dusk to dawn these horney hockers sellin' half of they fluck
This life is parallel to hell but in these days it's a must


Now every man's bush inside the night club
Yo let's see who can get the biggest chain
Or the best at playin' these games
Gotta be the phattest
The man, I'm jammin' 'em back
Around the corner where the light dims
smoke sess and cigars and blow smoke
Pull off the last of it, it dropped on the floor
I stepped on it and put a twist in it
You cats better be listenin'
It's all about in the wrong place at the wrong time
But you can ask Divine her inthesions
Buildin' lessons
On the top golden opportunities
Some man is out for cut-throat
And I ain't watchin' no face
And that's a fact don't prove that
Just dealin' with beers
Most talks are negative and some are dead while live

[Chorus out

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