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Artist: Ingram Hill
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Song Title: Long Drive Home
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Sit here and we talk,
Sit and talk in the dark,
Say weve come to a compromise,
Only break each others hearts,
I walk out of your front door,
I glance back as I turn the key,
You turn off the light on the porch,
And I wonder if this is how its gotta be,
Cause its a long drive home,
Down these empty dim moon lit back roads,
Cause its a long drive home,
Will I ever get there I dont know
I glance down at my speed,
Im doing 105,
I drive on without hesitation,
I drive on through the night,
Its just three months ago,
This road didnt seem this long,
Just three months ago,
I never thought that Id sing this song,
Cause its a long drive home,
Down these empty dim moonlit backroads,
Cause its a long drive home,
Will I ever get there I dont know.
What does my heart have to say about all this?
It doesnt know
What if this turns out a great mistake
Youll never know
Do I love her, should I try to fake?
I dont think so.
But these are answers that I need to hear
Just let it go,
I pull into my drive,
I wonder where I went wrong,
Walk through my door a different man
A man whos much more strong,
Cause when we started out,
I didnt know what love was all about,
But now that we are through,
I know how to love because of you,
It was a long drive home,
Trying to rid my mind of all these ghosts,
It was a long drive home,
With the smell of you still lingering on my clothes,
It was a long drive home,
What I want now is to be alone,
It was a long drive home,
Down these empty dim moonlit backroads,
Long drive home.

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