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Artist: Ingram Hill
Ingram Hill Author
Song Title: The Day Your Luck Runs Out
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Bout that time again
Strange feelin in the wind
Standin in this place
Starin face to face
But we dont see eye to eye
Somehow all the blame is mine
Youre doin nothin wrong
You say all your trust is gone

Yeah you gotta tell me what you want cause I cant see through your mind
Oh you gotta hit me with it baby show me whats deep inside

The troubles got me where it wants me
But that wont be enough to end me
Ive said it times before, you aint gonna walk on me no more
You really dont know how to treat me
Youre lucky you still hung onto me
But next time your luck runs out, and thats the day Im walkin out your door

Im beggin baby please
You must believe in me
Hear too many lies
Dont know which way to side
But I tell you Im the truth
Theres a chance for me and you
But youve got to close your eyes
And leave this far behind

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