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Artist: Injected
Song Title: I,IV, V
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talk, wait,
engage your heart at its nadir.
your methods coming clear.
we speak, we taste
we roll a night that lingers
wrapped in silence
please don't pierce it.

kiss away dependency
show me what it means to be
clean and full of dirty bliss
15 minutes more of this.

what's your favorite color
dreaming in no other
what to do? what to say?
so my 15 won't fade away

don't wait too late
i never know, you come and go
your weakness starts to show
we fall, we fly
we'll sleep in this forever wrapped inside us.
please don't lose it.

i kissed away your dependency
when you found out what you meant to me
your brown eyed frown i'm gonna miss,
you get 15 minutes more of this

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