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Artist: Innocence Mission
Song Title: Every Word I Say
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Every Word I Say
I've given you my statement
Now my mind feels very spoiled
Now that these thoughts have been spoken
One half of their meaning is gone

Words are in the way
You can't see what I'm feeling at all

Words encompass every color, every shadow, every light
But their passing through my mouth now
And we only see the one side, see the one side

Words are in the way
You can't see what I'm feeling
Words are in the way
You don't know what I'm thinking at all, at all

Tell us would you, in three words, who you are
Give us your opinion of the world at large
Can you explain the names you've given to the things you've done
Give us, please, your definition of true love, true love

Forming syllables
Making phrases
Making paragraphs and pages
I should have seen the words that got away from me
You should have, but you could not
You should have, but you couldn't

Words are in the way
So many things I wanted you to know today
Words are in the way
Pretendings with every word I say
Every word I
Every word I
Every word I Say
Oh, how could you know what I'm thinking

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