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Artist: Insane
Song Title: Boot Camp Gangsta
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Here's a little somethin' 'bout a nigga like me
Never should've been, let out the penitentiary
Insane, would like to say, that I'm a crazy motherfucker sippin' alize'
Since I was a youth, I smoke weed out, the weed make me bring the fuckin' 17 out
Takin' a life or two, that's what the hell I do
You other niggaz claimin' Camp, nigga fuck you
This is a game, and I'm in it, my nigga Lipp'll fuck you up in a minute
Wit' a right, left, right, left, you're toothless
And make 'em say "man them niggaz always gotta ruin shit"
Everywhere we go they say what, that Boot Camp Clicc just don't give a fuck
And when they realize we don't care, we don't just say no
We too busy sayin' yeah, about drinkin', straight out the 'ze bottle
Do I look like a motherfuckin' role model, to a kid lookin' up to me
For life this is Camp, and I'm all about my money

'Cuz I'm the type of nigga that's built to last
Ya disrespect the Camp, ya get a slug in yo' ass
And I don't give a fuck cuz I'll keep yellin'
Yo, tell me what the fuck are they yellin'

Boot Camp gangsta, Boot, Boot, Boot Camp gangsta
That's what they yellin'

Niggaz all standin' around just hangin', some dope dealin', some gangbangin'
We decide to roll and we deep, look at this nigga, man Precise tryna' creep
Real slow, and before ya know, I had that AK pointed in the window
He got scared, and tried to dash, right then we started dumpin' on his ass
We kept rollin', we bustin' at his cutlass, we couldn't catch him so I said fuck it
Now we headed right back to the 'Grove, sweatin' all the bitches in the tight ass clothes

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