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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Insane Clown Posse Author
Song Title: Blaam
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Storytime Bitch All across the east side.(what!) I'm Gonna Resent Delray!no Southwest side

This Gypsy Aunt of mine(your The Lucky One) Died and left behind, an ancient peice of time.
I didn't know what is was(your The Lucky One) Knuckle Deep in dust. Edges Played With rust.
I started to get pissed(your The Lucky One) This lamp is all i get, a worthless peice of shit.
But once I rubbed it clean(your The Lucky One) a genie popped on the scene, Brought true my every Dream.

I was like Blamm! free hoes Blamm! Nyquil Blamm! Faygo anything i want. I was like Blamm! Sharp axe Blamm! Good weed Blamm! Hot Tracks everything I need

Now I'm in a fizzle(your the lucky wizzle) honies on my nizzle, still a juggalizzle. I drive a platinum car(your The Lucky One) It has a Tennis court and a bar, you know who i are. Money out the ass(your The Lucky One) I'm wishin while it last, genie's movin fast

I want my Blamm! free band Blamm! necks cut Blamm! my shank anything i want. I want my Blamm! hot wings Blamm! good weed Blamm! pay dirt everything i need.

Now I am a king(your The Lucky One) I have everything, nothing's challenging.Nothing makes me proud(your The Lucky One) i stand out in a crowd, while others beg out loud. I remember when(your The Lucky One) Money was so thin, but dreams where all up end. I'm looking at the lamp(your The Lucky One) Would i give it all back, Shit foo give me that.

I be like Blamm! Bitch slap Blamm! cheap wine Blamm! Dub h anything i want Blamm! half pipe Blamm! Good Weed Blamm! Moonlight everything i need.

I was like Blamm! free hoes Blamm! Nyquil Blamm! Faygo anything i want. I was like Blamm! Sharp axe Blamm! Good weed Blamm! Hot Tracks everything I need

Blamm! the moral of this story is Blamm!Those who never had shit Blamm! and then get shit (anything i want) N

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