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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Insane Clown Posse Author
Song Title: D-Day
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D-day (3x)
3, 2, 1 D-Day just begun
D-day the common dreary
Felt the power of the rhyming theory
Settin the pace with the league of mines
Selected rhymes one of a kind
This you woulda thought to long
Settle son front he words of tongue
I folded had the people craving
Ain't no believen ain't no mistaking
Cause the D to the l-r-y-i-c-a-l Pump the Project as if you couldn't tell
But now you know, comprehend what you mean
Addicted to the noise as if you were a feind
But you could care less as long as if feels good
Now I'm glad that's understood
Point out this drug is for instance of mater of material
That's the substance addicted to your brain
There will remain a part of you driving you insane
Like crack, for those of you that can't deal with it
Step back for those who want a real hit
Give me a clap and I'll feed you the remedy
Kill your hunger vital to your remedy
Heave these words that I say
Due to the fact it's D-Day

3,2,1 D-Day just begun
A glare is putting you under
Thinking who it is, no need to wonder
Cause you got backed in the dead end
So you don't play pretend or I'll do it again
And if your looking for trouble you can be there are people
I'll have you done like a little kid on a see-saw
You bet your ass if you wanna come my way
If you go today tomorrow you can find me cooling out, in my domain
Doing my best to obtain
A train of thought so you can be tought
A lyrical incline so make sure it's caught
So make you stand and don't sit down
And on your face is a frown
Not a frown of sadness but a frown of madness
You got played talking like your the baddest
Bitch I don't really talk unless it's true
But you been laughing your jaws and now you'll lose
You try to burn with a match that ain't lit
I ain't down with that bull shit
Heave these words that I say
Due to the fact its D-Day

Now listen to my rhyme give it a chance
Cause to your brain my rhyme does inhance
Think what you wanna say that don't mean shit to me
I'm not the one who's living in misery
It's you not me you see
Imagine on what you claim to be
Be yourself that's the way to act
Learning this rap, a natural fact
Hear these words that I say
Due to the fact it's D-Day
3,2,1 D-Day's DONE

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