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Artist: Insomnium
Insomnium Author
Album: Since The Day It All Came Down (2004)
Insomnium - Since The Day It All Came Down Album
Song Title: Disengagement
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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What solemnity can be found in this death?

A traitor's smile, the honour of betrayal

How comfort could be found in the dreariest of nights?

What solace for guilt-driven mind, tarnished heart?

Two crestfallen figures clinging together in fathomless dark

In maelstrom of despair dimming each other's shine

And half of his blood runs like mine - kindred spirit to me

But the gleam in his eyes remind of the one who is gone forever

When dreams carry me past this life, to thin shrouding mist

I rest in silence, in place lifeless and desolate

Long are midwinter's nights as the will to live has died

Evanescent the unwarming light, evoking memories of life

Of the life long lost, buried in ashes of love and joy

And half of his blood bleeds like mine - kindred spirit, yet free

But the gleam in his eyes abates for my guilt shackles him too

What sublimity can be found in this love?

Weakling's trust, the moral of deceiver

There's no future for a son under this burden of grief

No leading to walk aside this tormented ghost

Two crestfallen figures clinging together in fathomless dark

In maelstrom of despair father suppressing the only shine

As the end is slowly looming our paths must now diverge

Pressure slowly easing, shackles unchained, uplifting

Beyond many a weary league

Where dimming light gives birth to evening stars

At the treelines of distant, devouring woods

Await my demons, embodying this longing

Better to sleep now on stranger's porch,

find home on foreign soil

Brighter the sun to a forsaken child than to a father in despair

Disencumbered from this grief with the most cruel way

Deserted to be alone, abandoned to be free

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