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Album: In Contrast Of Tomorrow (2001)
Integrity - In Contrast Of Tomorrow Album
Artist: Integrity
Song Title: Those Who Fear Tomorrow
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Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow

You can take a man
Free him from no garbage can
No one can ever see
No one can ever escape
You are going to...
You will feel the wrath
As you fear tomorrow

I'm gonna take you down
When I can, in and out
Nothing can save your misery
Don't know shit about me
Don't know anything
Sink to the bottom
All hell breaking loose

Feel the wrath
One time in your life
Cutting like a knife
Feel the wrath
As you fear tomorrow

There is nothing
Left for you now
You think you have it all
Don't have anything
One time in your life
Fear the knife
Fear the wrath
You motherfuckers


That last moment
Valued at a hundred words
A crystal clear picture was painted
And when I looked into your eyes
The pain I saw, such horror inside

I can't believe what I did to you
I can't live with the memories

Now I'm left all alone
Now that you're gone
I can't go on
Trial of humanity
Going on inside of me
And the verdict...
Will be the death of me

Now I'm left, the shell of a broken man
With nothing left but regret
I let them take you away
All I did was watch
Those times we shared
Those memories
I'll always die hard, Sable

March of the Damned

Starving to Death
Yet you keep walking on
Marching to the end of all existance
Nothing will ever reach you again
Fell victim to the innocent
Scar of a woman
Destroyed your very soul
God spare us all
Don't try to get out
You'll never escape
Locked behind the walls
Inside the prison's gate
Not a chance in hell
Of getting out with your life
What's the point of marching
When you know you're gonna die

Dear father in heaven...
Take me back

Lundgren/ Crucifixion

Reflections shifted, masochistic
A glow of light up the room
New crowned beauty
Christian duty
Plotting to escape
Forever doomed

Neck restrained daughter
Endless slaughter
Hooked lung, stolen breath, cunt
Passion thickens
Pleasures forbidden
Avery's not one left

Every time world savior shows
Persecutuin soon follows
Crucifiction lets the blood expand
Genetalia nothing less
Than a man to understand
Duty of this Christ
Frees forever beyond the light

When worn seperate, reality blends
Past the mere flesh
Of barbed artery
How then heated abstinence
Free's the spine
Unleashing no minds

Stone cold bitter razor grew
Growing inside
Extinguish the fluids
Beneath this fire
Sudden restarint
Soften beauty known virginity

A time has shown seraphic streams
Pollute those close to copulation
Try to expand
Discourse the image
Running through class forms


Rotting stench of my corroding remains
I'll never be the same
Distribution, disallusioned
I gotta lean to balance out the pain

Separation of state and mind
I cannot, I will not die
Locked away inside my mind
I am guilty, I am the crime

You gotta let me out
You gotta help me survive
In this world of pain
Icepick through the face
Bloodsoaked existance
Don't get in my way
A chain is only
As strong as it's weakest link
Flesh so durable
My razor is my only release
As your blood pours you inside out


Descending the heavens
Forced into this sphere
10 crowns for 7 heads
An angel cast in mirror
Leering at each other
Await the serpents touch
Seal of god on your forehead
Only in death
Shall you know love

Fire enters the gallows
Prisoners trapped like rats
Somewhere out there watching
Your savior starts to laugh

Nailed inside your coffin
Descending the abyss
Nails intrude the deep
As splinters shred your wrists
Sudden outcry of pleasure
All is forgiven
Somewhere in hell
As has risen

Don't leave me
Out here in tis cold
My fingers numb
As the world caves in on me
Cracks of the sidewalk
Dreams of the homeless
I push on religiously

In Contrast Of Sin

Evil lurking around every corner
Appearing adhering
In the doubt of my mind's eye
Doubt fills you up inside
Drown emotion...Insanity
Never for you or with you
Only alone by myself

In my search for divinity
Is there no answers
Is there no end
All alone in my doubt
Living in contrast of sin

My walls surround me now
All greeting ignored
I put every once of energy
In who I am
So much failure
I wish I could understand

You're alone in a world
You could never know
Full pain and suffering
Offered salvation
Doubting your faith
Has your life been been one huge mistake
Can you make amends
Gotta save yourself before it's too late
Conflictions of morals
Take it out on others pain
I gotta know, I gotta believe
You wouldn't leave me
In contrast of sin

All Songs Copyright Integrity 1991

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