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Artist: Intwine
Intwine Author
Album: Perfect (2004)
Intwine - Perfect Album
Song Title: No Ones
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No Ones

Another book to be read
Another rule in your head
Like somekinda cheap ass whore
Who's been told off plenty before

Cause today we were told
To be no ones again

Another one in your bed
Like they weren't already fed
And now they want more they say
Like somekinda game they played before

Some a really mean what dem really don't say
But that's one thing ye really can't say about me
Ye better not doubt me to put it inna ye face
Fuck de man who ony sees it is way
Until hm choke and croak and decay
Me nah clay

Cause today we were told
To be no ones again

What a really mean se me nah fraid to say
Fuck de man who want come try control ye
Come try fe hold ye mold ye like clay
Fuck the man who onley sees it his way
Until him chocke and croak and decay
Me nah clay

Cause today we were told
To be no ones again

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