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Artist: I.O.S.
Song Title: Washed Away
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Verse 1:
Some say the end is coming.
Some say it's already here.
Some say it's more than past us.
Pray for rain. Psycho sideshow.

Pray for rain, rust the chain.
All this pain, I had to gain.
Burn this burden, feel the strain.
All I had to do is change.
Sanity, it seems, fading away.
Learn to swim until I evaporate.

Verse 1 Repeat


Verse 3:
Some say a comet flew, fell from the sky.
Followed by meteors, showers & tidal waves.
Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still.
Followed by millions of dumbfounded dicks.
Some say the end is here.
Some say it'll be here again soon.
Some say it's never coming.
But it'll keep you all occupied.
Back to the way it always is.

Verse 4:
Well I'm prayin' for rain.
I'm prayin' for tidal wave.
I wanna see us to go down.
I wanna wash it all away.
I wanna see you cryin'
I wanna wash it all away.

Verse 5:
You can see me pryin'.
It's makin' you cry.
You can see me dyin'.
You shouldn't have to lie.


Fade away. (x7)

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