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Artist: Iron Fire
Iron Fire Author
Album: On The Edge (2001)
Iron Fire - On The Edge Album
Song Title: Wanted Man
Genre: Metal
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To the sound of shotgun fire
he rides into the horizon and disappears
like a ghost in the night
like a shadow without a place to find some peace

He's on the run
He is a real son of a gun
But there's no turning back

He's a wanted man
a long way from home
He's a wanted man
His name is Young Blood

On a trail to the shady land
And he's hunted by the lawman right behind
He tried to prove his innocence
But all he got was another bounty on his head

On the run
He is a real son of a gun
But there's no turning back

He's a wanted man
a long way from home
He's a wanted man
His name is Young Blood

He's a wanted man
a long way from home
He's a wanted man
His name is Young Blood

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