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Artist: Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Author
Album: Soundhouse Tapes and More (1997)
Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes and More Album
Song Title: Iron Maiden
Genre: Metal: Thrash
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Won't you come into my room,
I wanna show you all my wares.
I just want to see your blood,
I just want to stand and stare.
See the blood begin to flow
as it falls upon the floor.
Iron Maiden can't be faught,
Iron Maiden can't be sought.


Oh Well, wherever,
Wherever you are,
Iron Maiden's gonna get you,
No matter how far.
See the blood flow watching it shed
Up above my head.
Iron Maiden wants you for dead.

Won't you come into my room,
I wanna show you all my wares.
I just want to see your blood,
I just want to stand and stare.
See the blood begin to flow
As it falls upon the floor.
Iron Maiden can't be faught,
Iron Maiden can't be sought

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