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Artist: J. Englishman
Song Title: Pure (When The Fire Comes)
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Bow down before her and bleed at her alter
Feel this world's weight
Lift from my shoulders

When the fire comes
I will endure
And when the fire comes
I will be pure

Broken, twisted
She lifts me from ashes
Orpheus risen
And bathed in her kisses

When the fire comes
I will endure
When the fires comes
I will be pure

Sarasvati here for the moment
Teases with blessings blessings
Then leaves me in torment

But 'till she returns
I will endure
And when she returns
I will be pure
When the fire comes
I will endure
When the fire comes
I will be pure
When the fire comes
When the fire comes
When the fire comes
When the fire....

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