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Artist: J Ray
J Ray Author
Album: This Ain't a Game (2001)
J Ray - This Ain
Song Title: Keep Your Head Up
Genre: Techno
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Whoaa, I see you walking with your head down girl,
Come here, whoa, lemme lift your spirits up, aight.
I got something on my mind I wanna tell you.
Girl, when you down and when you out, you feeling low.
Keep your head up baby.
Girl, I can see, you've been going through some things,
Walking head down, cause you feel so much pain.
Blaming yourself, when it ain't even that way.
Girl, why can't you see it's time for a change.
It's why I'm talking to you, I wanna show the way.
You don't have to, go through this one more day.
If you take control, you dunno how far you go.
Girl, listen to me, I'm telling you good things.
Don't you understand me, I'm talking from my heart right now.
Start doing things the right way, please do it that way.

No matter what the world say, Keep on doing your things,
Sometimes it won't be easy, but girl I got a message for you.
Keep your head up to the sky and I promise you,
Promise you'll get by, baby girl believe me,
I know you're going through hard times, but you don't have to cry.
Just keep your head up high.
Keep your head up to the sky and I promise you,
Promise you'll get by, baby girl believe me,
And When you're going through hard times, you don't have to cry.
Just keep your head up high.

I know it's hard to, to raise a kid on your own.
I know it takes two, you didn't make alone.
But his daddy's gone, and we know daddy's dead wrong,
But you gotta keep, making those ends meet(yes, you do).
And girl, I know, you can do it by yourself,
Even though soemtimes you feel like screaming for help.
It won't be long til the hurt is gone.
Girl, I'm telling you, see I know what to do.
If you wanna treat me, I'm singing this

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